I had my first teaching job when I was nine years old. My classroom was in my family’s laundry room and my only student was my six year old sister. We focused on colours, music, and basic math skills. A decade later, my sister is a successful high school graduate destined for university, and while my curriculum was less than professional and certainly not government approved, I believe that her academic success is due in part to her time as my student.

Today, I am an ambitious university student working towards a career in elementary education. I dream of using my passion for education and children to inspire a generation to love learning, exploring, and discovering. Over the last 10 years, I have accumulated hours of experience working with children through babysitting, teaching Sunday School three times per week, and volunteering weekly in a French Immersion kindergarten classroom.

When I am not studying or running after children, I love hiking in and around the beautiful BC interior, attempting to improve my sub-par golf swing at the driving range, and using Pinterest to find new recipes and DIY projects.